Windows 10 Review

  • Posted on Aug 18, 2015

Despite the initial reviews, I hopped on the Windows 10 bandwagon immediately. My dreaded Windows 8 laptop kept telling me it was released but to still wait for notification on the download and that it may be a few days as Microsoft was releasing it in waves. I thought there has to be a faster way! I went to the Microsoft website, clicked on download Windows 10 and went to town upgrading both mine and my hubby’s laptops! I started in the morning and by end of day (included backing up computers). Had no issues installing, no errors, all drivers installed perfectly.

The next upgrade was my office computer. I had heard that multiple monitors (I have three) had issues with Windows 10. Not here, all worked perfectly (All Dell using HDMI, VGA and HDMI ports).

It’s been a couple weeks now and overall things are good, below are a few pros and cons I’ve noticed.


  • Flawless install on two Dell Inspiron laptops (win8) and a Dell Vostro tower (win7).
  • Improvement over Windows 7 & 8.
  • I upgraded three computers for FREE.
  • I like how the start menu has essentially everything available at your fingertips.
  • I LOVE how in three monitors there is a task bar in each monitor instead of one task bar in the main/primary monitor.
  • Task manager has many more options and let’s you see a deeper look into what is running in the background.
  • Microsoft Edge (browser) seems good so far. Clean, smooth, fast. I have built three websites since building it and all work and display great in it.


  • When you copy a file with the same name into a folder, it used to give you three options when it encountered a duplicate file; 1) Copy and replace 2) Don’t copy 3) Copy but keep both files. Now with Windows 10, it gives you two options; 1) Copy and replace 2) Don’t copy. I never realized how much I used that option until it was removed, very convenient.
  • Out of all three computers that I upgraded, every one is significantly slower. You click on an icon and and it takes 5-10 seconds to open something. I uninstalled unneeded programs and apps. Disabled some start up items that weren’t necessary and all are running a little better. I am wondering if I add more memory or space it will be even better? It was fine before though so I call bull****. This is especially frustrating when you go to search for something.
  • Had issues running XAMPP which is what I use to build websites on my PC (apache and mysql server). To get it to work, I had to disable/stop the world wide web publishing service. This allows apache to start/stop, it thinks port 80 is busy with that service running.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


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