QuickBooks Tutorial: Why aren’t my deposits showing up on my reports?

  • Posted on Dec 30, 2015

If you are new to QuickBooks and you are entering your deposits through the banking > make deposits window directly to an income account. You may be wondering why you don’t see this transaction in the customer or vendor center history and your QuickReports. In order for a transaction to link to the customer and vendor reports, it needs to be using an accounts receivable or payable chart of account or a QuickBooks form such as a invoice, sales receipt or a bill. If you book your straight deposit directly to account such as a sales income account, it will be missing from historical reports in QuickBooks.

There is a way to get a reports to show this information, take a look at the video below to see the fix to filter your reports to display your straight/direct deposits to show up on your customer reports.

P.S. This video post is pulled from our video archives and is using an older version of QuickBooks.


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